About Ann Taylor

Ann was born and raised on the exotic Caribbean Island of Tobago, a tropical island with coconut palm lined white sand beaches, where she first ventured into creating watercolors accentuated with pen and ink.

She studied in Barbados, another Caribbean island, and was fascinated by the fabric arts that were created there, using hot wax, chanting tools, and Procion dyes in a ‘batik’ procedure that inspired her to start creating art on fabric.

Moving to Maui, Hawai’i from Canada where she went to college, she took up Silk Painting with hot wax as the resist and French dyes, as well as creating delicate watercolors with pen and ink. She combined this with her love of scuba diving and used "artistic license" to create wildly colorful and fun marine life in her line of cards and prints. Turtles are a treasure since her childhood, where she watched them hatch on the hot sand and head to the ocean, and swam with them often while snorkeling.

Her Caribbean and Hawai’ian lifestyle influences can be seen in her collectible originals and prints available exclusively through her studio to collectors worldwide.

Her art was chosen for a series of Fabric Designs sold by the Torie Richards Aloha Shirt Manufacturer in Honolulu. They were also available tp patrons at Costco.

Island Heritage Publishing chose six of her silk painting fish theme designs for a line of their collectable art cards.

She has ventured into other fun collectible artistic crafts - including one-of-a-kind Driftwood Santa’s known as “Puamana Santas” that are a treasured part of Christmas decorations pieces now found in many homes around the world. Her main inspiration has always been from her surroundings.

Her Dog Rio would bring her driftwood sticks when they walked on the beach, so she started collecting them, her handyman found her a chop saw, and she went to work painting Santas on the driftwood.   They have been affectionately called “Puamana Santas”.

Self-taught she has continued to develop her unique styles, she can be found teaching watercolor techniques near the shoreline some afternoons, where they sketch and paint from the incredible surroundings found on the island of Maui.


(photo of classes on the grass)IMG_5362